Production mentoring

Why seek production mentoring from me?

Simply put, it’s very difficult to get professional constructive advice and particularly from someone that has been making dance music as long as myself; who can pin point any issues there might be in terms of the arrangement, the "sound stage", the balance of the mix, or voicing of instruments, for example, or any part of the production process that might be stopping your beast of a tune going full monster. 

I have amassed a great deal of producer tips and approaches to composition that might unlock new creativity in you. 

Having DJ'd for some 30 or more years I have a great ear for a good tune and understand what makes a track a dance floor must. 

Encouragement is also hard to find in this often cut throat business. Hopefully, I can reverse that situation for you.


Price List

Production mentoring via Zoom.

How it works...

Contact me to tell me what you need help with. You can then send the track(s) or project and I will let you know how much time I think you will need and put together a personal package which suits you. Then, we can schedule a timetable and away we go!


1 hour


3 hours


5 hours


10 hours